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The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 — Volume 22 of 55
Explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the islands and their peoples, their history and records of the catholic missions, as related in contemporaneous books and manuscripts

written by "Robertson, James Alexander, 1873-1939"
... cathedral church has no other revenue than the alms received from burials; and if it were not for the four hundred pesos that your Majesty has granted it for a limited time, it would have nothing for the wine, wax, and flour for divine worship. With this and with some allotment of cargo (although little) that the city generally gives it, the band of musicians, who come to serve on their feast days in the same church, is maintained. What seculars administer in this archbishopric is divided into nine benefices, besides the three curacies of Spaniards in Manila, Santiago (which is in Manila’s suburbs), and the port of Cavite. Twenty thousand souls are ministered to in the said benefices. [In the margin: “Idem.”]1 The Order of St. Augustine has thirty-two convents, [77] in all of which are fifty-six priests, who have in charge ninety thousand souls. The Order of St. Francis has thirty-eight convents, with guardianias and presidencies, in which are forty-seven priests. In all of them forty-eight thousand four hundred souls are ministered to. The Order of St. Dominic has three convents in this archbishopric. It ministers to three thousand souls, and has five religious. The Society of Jesus has eight priests in three residences, and ministers to ten thousand six hundred souls. The discalced Augustinians have three convents in which are six priests. They minister to eight thousand souls. Consequently, the souls of the natives alone who are ministered to in the district of this archbishopric of Manila amount to two hundred and one thousand, six hundred souls. The bishopric of Nueva Segovia has four secular benefices, two of them for Spaniards, one in the said city of Nueva Segovia, and the other in Villa Fernandina. The other two benefices are for Indians. The Order of St. Augustine has fifteen convents in this bishopric, and they minister to fifty-eight thousand souls there. The Order of St. Dom...

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