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Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue Giving a Show
written by "Rogers, Walter S."
...owflakes sparkle. "And what have you got in the basket?" asked Sue. "That's Peter," was the answer, and before any one could ask who Peter was, if they had wished to, there came a loud crow from the basket. "A rooster!" cried Mrs. Brown. "Yes," said Bunny. "Peter—he's George's pet bantam rooster. And he crowed at the wrong time in the practice to-day—I mean Peter crowed—so I took him down into Mr. Raymond's cellar. And then I forgot all about him, and I left him there, and I thought of him [Pg 215]after supper, and I guessed he'd be hungry, so I went back to get him." "Yes, that's just what he did," said the hardware man. "I was busy waiting on late Christmas Eve customers, when in came Bunny, all covered with snow. I didn't know what he meant when he told me he'd come back for the rooster, for I'd forgotten about the bird myself. "Nothing would do but he must bring Peter home, and, knowing what a bad storm it was, I came back with him. I'd have telephoned, but my wire's out of order, so I couldn't reach you, and I didn't want to stop to go anywhere else. So I brought him over in my auto." "It was very kind of you," said Mr. Brown. "And, Bunny, it was very wrong of you to go away without telling us," said Mrs. Brown. "I'm sorry," answered the little boy. "But I thought maybe Peter'd be lonesome all alone in the dark, and on Christmas Eve too." "That's so!" laughed Mr. Raymond. "I guess, Mrs. Brown, you'll have to forgive Bunny on account of it's being Christmas Eve." "Did you hang up your stocking, Mr. Raymond?" asked Sue, and they all laughed at that, [Pg 216]so that every one felt better, and Bunny was not scolded, as perhaps he ought to have been. "Well, I must get back to my store," said the hardware man. "Merry Christmas to you, and I'll see you all at the play to-morrow!" "Yes, we'll all be there!" cried Bunny. "You're going to have a free ticket, you know!" This had been decided on,...

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