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The First Landing on Wrangel Island
With Some Remarks on the Northern Inhabitants

written by "Rosse, Irving C. (Irving Collins), 1842-1901"
...weapons and other personal effects of the decedent are placed near by, probably with something of the same sentiment that causes us to use chaplets of flowers and immortelles as funeral offerings—a custom that Schiller has commemorated in "Bringet hier die letzen Gaben." The future destiny of these people is a question in which the theologian and politician are not less interested than the man of science. Some observers seem to think that their numbers are diminishing under the evil influence of so-called civilization. But as every race participates in the same moral nature, and the entire history of humanity, according to Herder, is a series of events pointing to a higher destiny than has yet been revealed, there is no reason why the sum of human happiness, under proper auspices, should not be increased among the Innuit race. Arch-deacon Kirkby, a Church of England clergyman who has lately visited them in a missionary capacity as far as Boothia, speaks in the highest terms of their intelligence and capacity for improvement. Here, then, is a brilliant opportunity for some one full of propagandism and charity to repeat the acts of the modern apostles and extend the influence of civilization to the gay, lively, curious and talkative hyperboreans whose home is under the midnight sun and on the borders of the Icy Sea. Journal, American Geographical Society, Vol. XV, 1883. Bulletin Nº. 3. Rosse. WRANGEL ISLAND FOOTNOTES: [1] In November, 1882, while in London, I met Mr. Gilder, the Herald correspondent, who accompanied the U. S. ship Rodgers, and he showed me this record and paper which he had taken from the cairn during a subsequent visit to the island. [2] De Virginibus velandis. Lutetiæ Parisiorum. 1675 fº., p. 178. [3] See Guy's Hospital Report, XIX, 1874; also "Histoire Médicale du Tatouage," in Archives de Médecine Navale, Tom. 11 and 12, Paris, 1869. [4] Retzius, Finska Kr...

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