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Safe Marriage
A Return to Sanity

written by "Rout, Ettie Annie, 1877-1936"
...positories for women. Mr. Freese made up sanitary tubes and sanitary suppositories in accordance with these formulæ, but he is prohibited by law from recommending these for the prevention of venereal disease, and forbidden to supply printed directions with them, whereas similar medicaments are being retailed with printed directions in the State of Pennsylvania, and the Health Department circularises medical practitioners thus:— "The self-treatment packet, obtainable at drug stores, to arrest venereal infection after exposure, is approved by the State Department of Health on the same principle as is antitoxin given to diphtheria contacts. Proof is lacking that the use of this packet lowers social standards. Reduction in the incidence of venereal disease is a direct result." But not only in the clear, cool air of American State Departments of Health is the knowledge and love of sexual cleanliness fructifying. In the Dublin Review for January-March, 1922, there is a wonderfully fine article on "The Church and Prostitution," by the Right Rev. Monsignor Provost W.F. Brown, D.D., V.G., in which he quotes from a very recent Moral Theology, "De Castitate," by the Rev. A. Vermeersch, S.J., Professor of Moral Theology at the Gregorian University, Rome, published in May, 1921. The author of "De Castitate" gives brief answers to three questions put to him, which Mgr. Brown quotes in the original Latin, and of which the following is a translation furnished by a Catholic priest:— "You ask 1. Whether or not it is formally sinful to use antiseptic ointment before illicit intercourse. 2. Whether or not the use of such ointment may be advocated. 3. Whether or not it is lawful for chemists to sell it. Ad. 1. Although it seems that in England (cf. Times, January, 1917) some have made a scrupulous distinction between the use of ...

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