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Polly and Her Friends Abroad
written by "Roy, Lillian Elizabeth, 1868-1932" the most unpleasant part of the trip. But upon leaving the train at Paris, they saw Dodo and her father anxiously scanning the faces that passed by. “Here we are, Dodo!” called Polly, eagerly, as she jumped forward and caught her friend’s hand. “Dear me! I’m as glad to see you-all as I can be,” cried Dodo, shaking everyone eagerly by the hand. “Yeh, you’re a sight for sore eyes,” remarked her father. “We’ve only been in Paris a day and night, but Pa hasn’t any French with him, and I’ve only got a few words that I am always using mistakenly, 138 so we’re happy to have someone who can speak and understand the lingo” laughed Dodo, happily. They all got into the luxurious car that had carried them so many miles over England, and as they sank down upon the soft cushions, Polly said: “An automobile really is nicer than a hard old steam-tram.” Mrs. Fabian, always polite, asked: “How is your mother, Dodo?” “Last time we saw her she was first class, thank you.” “She may be having high-sterics now, however,” added Mr. Alexander, chucklingly. “What do you mean? Isn’t she well?” asked Mrs. Fabian. “We hope she is well, Mrs. Fabian, but we left her at Osgood Hall, while we eloped to Paris,” laughed Dodo. “Eloped! What are you talking about, child?” demanded Mrs. Fabian, while the girls sat up, eager to hear a story. “Pa and I just had to elope, you know, to save our lives. We waited until Ma got nicely settled with the family, then we got in the car and ran away. We haven’t heard, yet, in answer to our telegram from here, so we’re frightened to 139 pieces lest Ma packs up and comes after us,” explained Dodo. But this fear was quieted when they all went into the hotel and the clerk handed Mr. Alexander a message. He opened it with trembling fingers, and suddenly sat down in a great chair. “Goodness me, Pa...

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