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Catalogue of Violent and Destructive Earthquakes in the Philippines
With an Appendix: Earthquakes in the Marianas Islands 1599-1909

written by "Saderra Masó, Miguel, -1939"
...III Southern Leyte. Very violent earthquake with a very intense repetition at 16h 3m. The meizoseismic area had a diameter of only 10 kilometers, determined by an extinct volcano, Mount Cabalían, which is situated in this part of the island. From May 17 to 25 some 60 earthquakes of various intensities were felt. No enhanced activity was observed in the volcano, but many fissures and great landslides were produced on its slopes. 196 1907 V 25 23 52 VIII Northern Luzon. Very violent earthquake whose center was in the northern part of the Central Cordillera (Mountain Province). It did considerable damage in the Provinces of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan. The central part of the epicentral region, where the effects must have been more severe, is inhabited exclusively by wild tribes. No aftershocks have been recorded. 197 1907 XI 24 21 59 IX Camarines Province. Destructive earthquake which ruined nearly all the masonry buildings of the towns within an area of some 30 kilometers in length and 20 in width. Within this small region, composed of recent alluvial soil and traversed by the Quinali River, a great number of fissures opened and various subsidences took place. 198 1908 I 21 4 5 VI Western Leyte. Very strong earthquake proceeding from a submarine center not far from Ormoc Bay. It was followed by two very intense aftershocks at 4h 30m and 7h 57m and many of less severity until the 23d. 199 1908 III 5 10 20 VI Agusan River Valley. Very strong earthquake. 200 1908 V 14 21 18 VI Very strong earthquake in western Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago. No.[25] Date. Intensity. Epicenter and effects.   Y. M. ...

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