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A Captive of the Roman Eagles
written by "Safford, Mary J."
...ll answer for it if they escape on the way." "They shall not," growled the Batavian, who had been inexpressibly enraged by the fling at his love for Bissula, though he did not know why. "Forward!" Led by Rignomer, the four guards and Prosper thrust the prisoners out of the tent. CHAPTER XLIV. The curtains had scarcely dropped behind them when Ausonius exclaimed: "He must not die! My Melania's son! He must fly into exile!" "The Emperor will decide. But you, friend Ausonius, praise Heaven, which sent you this child. You owe your life solely to her." The Prefect drew the young girl to the couch by his side and kissed her hands and brow. She submitted, for she was weeping. He would fain have kissed her lips too, but he forebore. The usually defiant creature was so childlike, so helpless from sheer emotion over his escape. So he only stroked her beautiful head with his hand and said, deeply moved himself: "The Christians have a superstition which I have often derided, of a guardian angel which God gives to mortals. I shall never do so again. You, Bissula, are my guardian angel!" "But angels ought not to be slaves," remarked the Illyrian with a smile which well became his manly face. "I give you this child, Ausonius; she is your slave now. Do with her as you choose." "I set her free, this moment. Bissula, you are free!" "Oh, thanks, thanks, thanks!" cried the young girl exultantly, springing from the couch. "Now away,--away at once to my people,--to my grandmother,--to--" "Not so fast, little one," interposed Saturninus. "Even the faithful, grateful freedwoman (the legal form of the act is still lacking) must obey the will of the patronus. I doubt whether he will let you fly away, you lovely little wild bird." Bissula fixed her wonderful eyes beseechingly, imploringly, upon Ausonius, ...

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