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Five Happy Weeks
written by "Sangster, Margaret Elizabeth Munson, 1838-1912"
... to give up to Mabel and Edith, once in a while?" "I don't ask him to very often," said Edith. "Well, I do!" said Mabel. [pg 9] "Yes, Miss Simms, I believe I ought to, more'n I have," said Johnnie, quite earnestly. "I'm bound to be a gentleman; and a gentleman is always polite to the ladies. I've seen that with father and mother many a time. So, Mabel, you take mamma her fruit;" and with that, Johnnie handed her the basket, and made a low bow. Miss Simms seated herself in the window, took out her scissors and a great roll of patterns, and then said, "Edith, dearie, will you ask your grandma or Aunt Catharine, if they know where the merino is for your new dresses?" "Are we to have new dresses?" [pg 10] said Edith; "it's the first I've heard of it." "Oh, children don't know everything in this house," said Miss Simms, laughing. Grandma came bustling in with bundles nearly as big as herself. "You had better measure Edie first, as she is on the spot; and then I'll help sew on her skirt, while you are cutting out for Mabel." "I'm glad I'm not a girl," said Johnnie, "always having to bother with new frocks." "Mrs. Evans is wise to go South now," said Miss Simms to grandma. "I've been hoping she would, it's far too bleak for her here." Edith opened her blue eyes very [pg 11] wide, and then they filled with tears. She hid her head in her grandma's bosom. "Why, child, you little goose, it is to make your dear mother well. And you three small folks are going part way with her." At this Edith's sudden tears dried up very quickly, and her face made itself into a question mark. "You three children, and I myself, are going to see your Aunt Maria, in Virginia." Johnnie began to turn somersaults to show his delight at the news. He ran off for further information, and came back saying, "I never heard anything so splendid in my life. We are to start a week from to-day [pg 12] E...

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