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Narrative of the Circumnavigation of the Globe by the Austrian Frigate Novara, Volume III
(Commodore B. Von Wullerstorf-Urbair,) Undertaken by Order
of the Imperial Government in the Years 1857, 1858, & 1859,
Under the Immediate Auspices of H

written by "Scherzer, Karl Ritter von"
... still sighing in vain! And to the German who has circumnavigated the globe, the consideration of these lofty themes is mingled with a glow of pride and satisfaction, in reflecting that it is a kindred Anglo-Saxon race, to whom apparently has been assigned the glorious mission of diffusing a new life over the earth, of carrying the light of Christian civilization, of political liberty, and spiritual culture, to the most primitive tribes in the furthest regions of the world, and of heralding, amid the ruins of slavery and despotism, the day-spring of a lasting era of Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity! THE END. 461 VOL. II. APPENDIX A. A VOCABULARY (ARRANGED UPON GALATIN'S SYSTEM) OF THE LANGUAGE OF THE NATIVES OF THE NICOBAR ARCHIPELAGO.[158] Name of object in English.Dialect used in Kar Nicobar (called Puh by the natives). The most northerly island, 9 10′ N., 93 36′ E.Dialect used in the Central Group, consisting of the islands of Nangkauri, Kamorta, Pulo Mil, Kondl, and Lesser Nicobar.Corresponding words used by the Malay inhabitants of Pulo Penng, 5 25′ N., 100 21′ E. God——— evil spirit—eewehont mankigonjebhjuorang peopletark—— womankignaangnapoorampan old woman—angna-oomiha— boylendakaniombooda-kitsch ladmarenglailh— young girlnia-kooknakaniom-angnabooda-poorampan childnipoaana-kitsch fatherjongtschabpa my fatherjong-tio—— motherkamiojntscha-angnama, mk old manjong-niangnjechaudu old woman, feeble woman—koomhoischaudn-poorampooan sonkoangan or ilhana-chaudn daughterkoankaniom-anganaana-pooram-pooan brotherkannatscho-anganakaka headkoigehkapal hairkooijoghramut facegamatschkamook foreheadmallaldi earnangnengtalnga earrings worn by nativesnangitii— eyematoal-mtmatt eyebrows—ok-mt— noseelmmohidng nostrils—ol-mohlo-bang-id...

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