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The Works of Aphra Behn
Volume IV

written by "Behn, Aphra, 1640-1689"
... apostrophes and quotation marks in this paragraph appear as garbage, make sure your browser’s “character set” or “file encoding” is set to Unicode (UTF-8). You may also need to change the default font. Contents About the notes   THE WORKS OF APHRA BEHN Edited by MONTAGUE SUMMERS   VOL. IV Sir Patient Fancy The Amorous Prince—The Widow Ranter The Younger Brother     LONDON: WILLIAM HEINEMANN STRATFORD-ON-AVON: A. H. BULLEN MCMXV CONTENTS. The plays are located in two separate files, together with their respective Notes. PAGE SIR PATIENT FANCY 1 THE AMOROUS PRINCE 117 THE WIDOW RANTER 215 THE YOUNGER BROTHER; OR, THE AMOROUS JILT 311 NOTES 401 423 Printed by A. H. Bullen, at the Shakespeare Head Press, Stratford-upon-Avon. Arrangement of Editor’s Notes In the printed book, all notes were grouped at the end of the volume as “Notes on the Plays” and “Notes: Critical and Explanatory”. For this e-text, Notes have been placed after their respective plays. The Notes as printed give only page and line numbers. References to Acts and Scenes were added by the transcriber. All links lead directly to the cited text. Annotated passages are identified in the body text with two kinds of link: dotted underlining for text notes; solid underlining for critical notes. Passages that have both kinds of note are linked to the “Critical and Explanatory” note. The critical notes include a few cross-references to other volumes of the Complete Works. Where appropriate, these texts are quoted after each play’s Notes. The “N.E.D.” of the Notes is now generally known as the OED. In the Notes, the variation between .’ and ’. (close quote before or after final period) is as printed and has not been regularized. The abbreviation “cf.” is always lower-case. Brack...

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