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The Mabinogion Vol. 2
written by "Schreiber, Charlotte, Lady, 1812-1895"
...ny one in the town, he went towards the old palace; and when he came near to the palace, he saw but one chamber, and a bridge of marble-stone leading to it.  And upon the bridge he saw sitting a hoary-headed man, upon whom were tattered garments.  And Geraint gazed steadfastly upon him for a long time.  Then the hoary-headed man spoke to him.  “Young man,” he said, “wherefore art thou thoughtful?”  “I am thoughtful,” said he, “because I know not where to go to-night.”  “Wilt thou come forward this way, chieftain?” said he, “and thou shalt have of the best that can be procured for thee.”  So Geraint went forward.  And the hoary-headed man preceded him into the hall.  And in the hall he dismounted, and he left there his horse.  Then he went on to the upper chamber with the hoary-headed man.  And in the chamber he beheld an old decrepit woman, sitting on a cushion, with old tattered garments of satin upon her; and it seemed to him that he had never seen a woman fairer than she must have been when in the fulness of youth.  And beside her was a maiden, upon whom were a vest and a veil, that were old, and beginning to be worn out.  And truly he never saw a maiden more full of comeliness, and grace, and beauty, than she.  And the hoary-headed man said to the maiden, “There is no attendant for the horse of this youth but thyself.”  “I will render the best service I am able,” said she, “both to him and to his horse.”  And the maiden disarrayed the youth, and then she furnished his horse with straw and with corn.  And p. 15she went to the hall as before, and then she returned to the chamber.  And the hoary-headed man said to the maiden, “Go to the town,” said he, “and bring hither the best that thou canst find both of food and of liquor.&r...

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