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The Sturdy Oak
A composite Novel of American Politics by fourteen American authors

written by "Scott, Leroy, 1875-1929"
...tore, advanced directly on the soda fountain, and with a blazing red face and angrily triumphant eyes confronted Billy Simmons. "I'll take a chocolate marshmallow nut sundae," he said. "And you needn't be stingy with the marshmallow, either!" At ten minutes past four, the anxious Antis in the Remington living-room heard the candidate for district attorney running down the stairs, and even Mrs. Brewster-Smith was hushed. The candidate stopped, however, on the landing. They heard him lift the telephone receiver. He called a number. Then—— "Sentinel office?... Mr. Ledbetter, please.... Hello, Ledbetter! Remington speaking. I have that statement ready. Will you send a man around?... Yes, right away. And I wish you'd put it on the wires. Display it just as prominently as you can, won't you?... Thanks. That's fine! Good-by." He ran back upstairs. But shortly he appeared, wearing the distrait, exalted expression of the genius who has just passed through the creative act. He looked very tall and strong as he stood before the mantel, receiving the congratulations of Mrs. Brewster-Smith and the timid admiration of Cousin Emelene. His few words were well chosen and were uttered with dignity. "And now, dear Mr. Remington, I'm sure I don't need to ask you if you are taking the right stand on suffrage." This from Mrs. Brewster-Smith. The candidate smiled tolerantly. "If unequivocal opposition is 'right'——" "Oh, you dear man! I was sure we could count on you. Isn't it splendid, Genevive!" The reporters came. It was a busy evening for the young couple. There were relatives for dinner. Other relatives and an old friend or two came later. Throughout, George wore that quietly exalted expression, and carried himself with the new dignity. To the adoring Genevieve his chin had never appeared so long and strong, his thought had never seemed so elevated, his quiet self-respect had ...

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