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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 152, June 27, 1917
written by "Seaman, Owen, Sir, 1861-1936"
...evil and the Deep Sea. What was he to do about it? Well, he just told the Deep Sea to keep calm a little longer, and went and waited outside the Devil's Mess. He saluted and asked the Devil if he'd care to come for a walk, and, the latter consenting, he led him to the Deep Sea. Then, when the Devil himself had been introduced to the Deep Sea itself, Ross slipped off and left them in his office to fix it up between themselves. Ross dined with the Major that night, and the latter said he wasn't feeling at all well. The way Ross's Mr. Brown had licked his thumb and the lightning speed with which he had turned up exactly the right correspondence, office minute or Routine Order, had nearly given the Major heart disease. Besides, he'd lost the argument. "I was too heavily handicapped from the start," said he, "by not being in a position to lick my thumb or to stick my pencil behind my ear." It was a good idea to introduce the Major and Mr. Brown, wasn't it, Charles? The Major says he was the first to suggest it, and Ross is careful to leave the credit with the Major, because he is sure that the idea really originated in the fertile and masterful brain of his Mr. Brown. Yours ever, Henry. Miss Daisy Dimple, the revue favourite, sells flags. Another Impending Apology. From a South African Parish Magazine:— "Many thanks to the Rev. —— and the Rev. —— for coming to St. —— during the past month. The Rector went off to Clifton and Park Town, and enjoyed the change almost as much as the congregation." "A bird flew into Willesden Court yesterday and perched above the magistrate's head. Alderman Pinkham: 'It's not often we 'get the bird' on the bench.'" But the "Beak" is there all the time. [pg 417] THE JUDGMENT OF PARIS: LATEST INVERSION. {Conserva...

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