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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 159, November 24, 1920
written by "Seaman, Owen, Sir, 1861-1936"
...m a local paper recently stated that waves seventy feet high lashed themselves to fury against the rocks. We have always been given to understand that waves never exceed fifteen feet, but we suppose everything has gone up since the War. "When is the Government going to commence operations in connection with the Channel Tunnel?" asks a correspondent in a daily paper. We understand that unless the English homing rabbit, recently released at Calais, puts in an appearance on this side once again, the idea will be abandoned as impracticable. "Shall I dust the bricky-brack, Mum?" "Not to-day, Norah. I don't think we can afford it." High Life Below Stairs. "Head Laundress wanted, titled lady." Irish Paper. This is what results from washing dirty linen in public. "L'AMITI FRANCO-ANGLAISE Un Tlgramme du roi George Ier M. Millerand." Le Figaro. The attention of the Postmaster-General should be drawn to the unusually long delay in delivery. "The Rat Catcher then said 'Look behind.' I looked behind, and there on the seat was strapped a larger cake. This contained 145 live rodents."—Local Paper. And now the pie with the four-and-twenty blackbirds must also take a back seat. [pg 402] BELLES OF THE BALL. A football eleven composed of work-girls from a Lancashire factory recently journeyed to Paris to play a team of French female footballers. With women forcing an entry into the ranks of minor professions, such as the Law and Politics, it is doubtful if even the sacred precincts of professional football can now be considered safe, and Mr. Punch wonders if he may soon find himself reading in the Sporting Columns of the Press paragraphs something in the nature of the following:— Kitty Golightly, who has the reputation of being one of the fastest young women seen in London this season, has now definitely thrown in her lot wit...

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