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Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland A.D. 1803
written by "Shairp, John Campbell, 1819-1885"
... the market-place decent.  The New Inn is a handsome old stone building, formerly a gentleman’s house.  We were conducted into a parlour, where people had been drinking; the tables were unwiped, chairs in disorder, the floor dirty, and the smell of liquors was most offensive.  We were tired, however, and rejoiced in our tea. The evening sun was now sending a glorious light through the street, which ran from west to east; the houses were of a fire red, and the faces of the people as they walked westward were almost like a blacksmith when he is at work by night.  I longed to be out, and meet with William, that we might see the Falls before the day was gone.  Poor Coleridge was unwell, and could not go.  I inquired my road, and a little girl told me she would go with me to the porter’s lodge, where I might be admitted.  I was grieved to hear that the Falls of the Clyde were shut up in a gentleman’s grounds, and to be viewed only by means of lock and key.  Much, however, as the pure feeling with which one would desire to visit such places is disturbed by useless, impertinent, or even unnecessary interference with nature, yet when I was there the next morning I seemed to feel it a less disagreeable thing than in smaller and more delicate spots, if I may use the phrase.  My guide, a sensible little girl, answered my inquiries very prettily.  She was eight years old, read in the ‘Collection,’ a book which all the Scotch children whom I have questioned read in.  I found it was a collection of hymns; she could repeat several of Dr. Watts’.  We passed through a great p. 33part of the town, then turned down a steep hill, and came in view of a long range of cotton mills, [33] the largest and loftiest I had ever seen; climbed upwards again, our road leading us along the top of the left bank of the river; both banks very steep and richly wooded.  The girl left me at the porter&rsq...

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