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written by "Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616"
...grees, produced hereditary succession. III.98 "While the grass grows,"—the proverb is something musty.] The proverb is, "While the grass grows, the steed starves." Hamlet alludes to his own position, while waiting for his succession to the throne of Denmark. A similar adage is, "A slip between the cup and the lip." III.99 Recorder.] i.e. A kind of flute, or pipe. III.100 Why do you go about to recover the wind of me,] Equivalent to our more modern saying of Get on the blind side. III.101 Into a toil?] i.e., net or snare. III.102 If my duty be too bold, my love is too unmannerly.] If my sense of duty have led me too far, it is affection and regard for you that makes the carriage of that duty border on disrespect. III.103 Govern these ventages—and it will discourse most eloquent music.] Justly order these vents, or air-holes, and it will breathe or utter, &c. III.104 Though you can fret me, you cannot play upon me.] A fret is a stop or key of a musical instrument. Here is, therefore, a play upon the words. Though you cannot fret, stop, or vex, you cannot play or impose upon me. III.105 They fool me to the top of my bent.] To the height; as far as they see me incline to go: an allusion to the utmost flexure of a bow. III.106 Bitter business] i.e., shocking, horrid business. III.107 Stands it safe with us] Is it consistent with our security. III.108 This fear,] Bugbear. III.109 Behind the arras I'll convey myself,] The arras-hangings, in Shakespeare's time, were hung at such a distance from the walls, that a person might easily stand behind them unperceived. III.110 To hear the process;] The course of the conversation. III.111 The speech of vantage.] i.e., opportunity or advantage of secret observations. III.112 Lay home to him:] Pointedly and closely charge him. III.113 Pranks too broad] Open and bold. III.114 I'll 'sconce me even here.] 'Sconce and ensconce are constantl...

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