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The Merry Wives of Windsor
The Works of William Shakespeare [Cambridge Edition] [9 vols.]

written by "Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616"
... I sir, Ile tell him so. 60 Doc. Dat be vell, my rapier Iohn Rugby, follow may. Exit Doctor. Quic. Well my friend, I cannot tarry, tell your Maister Ile doo what I can for him, And so farewell. Sim. Marry will I, I am glad I am got hence. Exit omnes. Sc. v. Enter Mistresse Page, reading of a Letter. Mis. Pa. Mistresse Page I loue you. Ask me no reason, Because theyr impossible to alledge. Your faire, And I am fat. You loue sack, so do I: As I am sure I haue no mind but to loue, 5 So I know you haue no hart but to grant A souldier doth not vse many words where a knowes A letter may serue for a sentence. I loue you, 264 And so I leaue you. Yours Syr Iohn Falstaffe. 10 Now Ieshu blesse me, am I methomorphised? I think I knowe not my selfe. Why what a Gods name doth this man see in me, that thus he shootes at my honestie? Well but that I knowe my owne heart, I should scarcely perswade my selfe I were hand. Why what an vnreasonable woolsack is this. He was neuer 15 twice in my companie, and if then I thought I gaue such assurance with my eies, Ide pull them out, they should neuer see more holie daies. Well, I shall trust fat men the worse while I liue for his sake. O God, that I knew how to be reuenged of him. But in good time, heeres mistresse Foord. Enter Mistresse Foord. 20 Mis. For. How now mistris Page, are you are reading Loue letters? How do you woman? Mis. Pa. O woman I am I know not what: In loue vp to the hard eares. I was neuer in such a case in my life. Mis. Ford. In loue, now in the name of God with whom? V. 25 Mis. Pa. With one that sweares he loues me, And I must not choose but do the like againe: I prethie looke on that Letter. Mis. For. He match your letter iust with the like, Line for line, word for word. Onely the name 30 Of misteris Page, and misteris Foord disagrees: Do me the kindnes to looke vpon this. Mis. Pa. W...

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