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The Youngest Girl in the School
written by "Sharp, Evelyn, 1869-1955"
... sighed Angela. ‘Have you seen Barbara Berkeley swarm up the––’ ‘Please, please don’t,’ implored Babs. ‘Can’t you see that Hurly-Burly wants to say something else?’ Being the champion in question, she could not very well side with Jean, as she usually did. Her appeal had some effect on the disputants, and Miss Burleigh, remembering it was a half-holiday, shrugged her shoulders good-naturedly and took advantage of the pause to proceed. ‘The display will take place at five o’clock on Thursday,’ she proclaimed; ‘supper will be at seven, and after supper, the Canon, who is coming from the North on purpose, will give 223 away the prizes to the two successful competitors––’ ‘That’s Margaret and Charlotte Bigley,’ interrupted Mary, noisily; and Hurly-Burly gave it up and fled, with her hands over her ears, just as Angela, with a yell of defiance, lost her balance and plunged down head-first from her perch on the vaulting-horse. ‘No, no! Margaret and Jean!’ she gasped out breathlessly, as she scrambled up again from the floor and brushed the dust from her hands and knees. Jean sprang to her feet on the top of the vaulting-horse, and danced up and down in her excitement. ‘Margaret and the Babe!’ she shrieked, waving her arms wildly round her head. But Barbara had slipped down after Angela, though not quite so precipitately, and had retired from the contest to a particular corner of the gymnasium, where the hot-water pipes projected sufficiently to form what might with imagination be considered a seat. It required some ingenuity, perhaps, to preserve any sort of balance on the edge of a row of hot-water pipes; but that was nothing to a small person who could never sit down tamely on a chair like other people, but always preferred the slanting surface of a desk, or something eq...

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