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The Miraculous Revenge
Little Blue Book #215

written by "Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950"
...key: wrong to be sarcastic with me, wrong to discourage the candor with which you think of me sometimes, and wrong to discourage the candor with which I always avow that I think constantly of myself." "Then you had better not speak to me, since I have no manners." "Again! Did I say you had no manners? The warmest expressions of regard from my mouth seem to reach your ears transformed into insults. Were I to repeat the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, you would retort as though I had been reproaching you. This is because you hate me. You never misunderstand Langan, whom you love." "I don't know what London manners are, Mr. Legge; but in Ireland gentlemen are expected to mind their own business. How dare you say I love Mr. Langan?" "Then you do not love him?" "It is nothing to you whether I love him or not." "Nothing to me that you hate me and love another?" "I didn't say I hated you. You're not so very clever yourself at understanding what people say, though you make such a fuss because they don't understand you." Here, as she glanced down the road she suddenly looked glad. "Aha!" I said. "What do you mean by 'Aha!'" "No matter. I will now show you what a man's sympathy is. As you perceived just then, Langan—who is too tall for his age, [Pg 21]by-the-by—is coming to pay you a visit. Well, instead of staying with you, as a jealous woman would, I will withdraw." "I don't care whether you go or stay, I'm sure. I wonder what you would give to be as fine a man as Mr. Langan?" "All I possess: I swear it! But solely because you admire tall men more than broad views. Mr. Langan may be defined geometrically as length without breadth; altitude without position; a line on the landscape, not a point in it." "How very clever you are!" "You don't understand me, I see. Here comes your lover, stepping over the wall like a camel. And here go I out through the gate like a Christian. Good afternoon,...

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