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Rides on Railways
written by "Sidney, Samuel, 1813-1883"
...t of the notorious Paul Jones in 1778.  This desperado, who was a native of Galloway, and had served his apprenticeship in Whitehaven, landed here with thirty armed men, the crew of an American privateer which had been equipped at Nantes for this expedition.  The success of the enterprise was, however, frustrated by one of the company, through whom the inhabitants were placed on the alert.  The only damage they succeeded in doing was the setting fire to three ships, one of which was burnt.  They were obliged to make a precipitate retreat, and, having spiked the guns of the battery, they escaped unhurt to the coast of Scotland, where they plundered the house of the Earl of Selkirk.”  Among the principal residences in the neighbourhood of Whitehaven are, Whitehaven Castle, the seat of the Earl of Lonsdale, and Moresby Hall, built after a design by Inigo Jones. Inns.—Black Lion and Golden Lion. * * * * * ST. BEES, in which parish Whitehaven is situated, is four miles to the south of Whitehaven.  The church, dedicated to St. Bega, is an ancient structure, and is still in tolerable preservation.  Until 1810 the chancel was unroofed, but in that year it was repaired, and is now occupied as a college, for the reception of young men intended for the church, but not designed to finish their studies at Oxford or Cambridge.  The grammar-school adjacent was founded by Archbishop Grindal.  Ennerdale Lake is nine miles to the east of Whitehaven, from which town it is easily reached. * * * * * MARYPORT is a modern seaport on the river Ellen.  The town is advancing in prosperity, and the population rapidly increasing: an excellent maritime trade is carried on between Maryport, Liverpool, Dublin, and other places.  The village of Ellenborough, from which the late Lord Chief Justice Law derived his title, is in the vicinity of the town. * * * * * WORKINGTON stands on the south bank of the Derwent.  Workington Hal...

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