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Bird Houses Boys Can Build
written by "Siepert, Albert Frederick, 1883-"
...R SCHOOL USE PROBLEMS IN FARM WOODWORK. BY SAMUEL A. BLACKBURN. A book of working drawings of 100 practical problems relating to agriculture and farm life. There are 60 full-page plates of working drawings, each accompanied by a page or more of text treating of "Purpose," "Material," "Bill of Stock," "Tools," "Directions" and "Assembly." A wonderfully practical book. Price, $1.25. PROJECTS FOR BEGINNING WOODWORK AND MECHANICAL DRAWING. BY IRA S. GRIFFITH. Consists of working drawings and working directions. The projects are such as have proved of exceptional service where woodworking and mechanical drawing are taught in a thoro, systematic manner in the seventh and eighth grades. The 50 projects in the book have been selected and organized with the constant aim of securing the highest educational results. Price, $1.00. PROBLEMS IN WOODWORKING. BY M. W. MURRAY. A convenient collection of good problems consisting of 40 plates of working drawings of problems in bench work that have been successfully worked out by boys in grades seven to nine, inclusive. Price 75 cents. PROBLEMS IN FURNITURE MAKING. BY FRED D. CRAWSHAW. Contains 43 full-page working drawings of articles of furniture. Every piece shown is appropriate and serviceable in the home. In addition to the working drawings, there is a perspective sketch of each article completed. There 36 pages of text giving notes on the construction of each project, chapters on the "Design," and "Construction" of furniture, and one on "Finishes." Price, $1.00. FURNITURE MAKING—ADVANCED PROJECTS IN WOODWORK. BY IRA S. GRIFFITH. Consists of 50 plates of problems and accompanying notes. It is essentially a collection of problems in furniture making, selected and designed with reference to school use. On the plate with each working drawing is a good perspective sketch of the completed object. In draftsmanship and refinement of design these problems are of superi...

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