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Notes and Queries, Number 180, April 9, 1853
A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc

written by "Bell, George, 1814-1890"
...h. The Rev. W. M. Hetherington published a tolerably impartial History of the Westminster Assembly, Edinburgh, 1843, 12mo. The most important work, as throwing light upon the proceedings of the Assembly, is the Letters and Journals of Robert Baillie. The only complete edition of these interesting documents is that edited by David Laing, Esq., and published in 3 vols. royal 8vo., 1841-2. John I. Dredge. Mr. Stansbury will find the "Journal of the Assembly of Divines," by Lightfoot, in the new edition of his Works, vol. xiii. pp. 5. et seq. Some further light is thrown upon the subject by a parliamentary paper, printed "for the service of both Houses and the Assembly of Divines." A copy of it is preserved in our University library (Ff. xiv. 25.). I have referred to both these documents in A History of the Articles, &c., pp. 208-9. C. Hardwick. St. Catharine's Hall, Cambridge. The Journal kept by Lightfoot will be found in the 13th volume of his Works, as edited by the Rev. J. R. Pitman: London, 1825, 8vo. It should be studied by all those who desire to see a revived Convocation. S. R. M. {369} Epigrams (Vol. vii., pp. 175. 270.).—"Suum cuique" being a principle which holds good with regard to literary property as well as to property of every other description, I can inform your correspondent Balliolensis that the epigram on Dr. Toe, which he says was "represented to have proceeded from the pen of Thomas Dunbar, of Brasenose," was in reality the production of my respected neighbour, the Rev. William Bradford, M.A., rector of Storrington, Sussex. It was written by that gentleman when he was an undergraduate of St. John's College, Oxford. Balliolensis may rely upon the accuracy of this information, as I had it from Mr. Bradford's own lips only yesterday. The correct version of the epigram is that given by Scrapiana, p. 270. R. Blakiston. Ashington, Sussex. "God and the world" (Vol. vii., pp. 134. 297...

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