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The History of Dartmouth College
written by "Smith, Baxter Perry, 1829-1884"
...Speaker of Assembly; Major Samuel Hobart, Esq., John Giddinge, Esq., Colonel John Phillips, Esq., John Sherburne, Esq., Members of Assembly; John Fisher, Esq., Collector of Salem; Colonel Nathaniel Folsom, Esq.; Rev. Dr. Langdon, of Portsmouth; Rev. Mr. Emerson, of Hollis; Dr. Cutter; Dr. Bracket; Samuel Penhallow, Esq.; William Parker, Jun., Esq.; Benjamin Whiting, Esq., High Sheriff of Hillsboro' County; Honorable Samuel Holland, Esq., Surveyor-General of the Northern District of America and a Councillor of Canada; Thomas Mac-donogh, Esq., Secretary to the Governor. About ten more are invited, but I think uncertain whether they'll undertake the journey." From Gov. Wentworth. "Dartmouth College, June 3, 1777, at break of day. "My dear Sir: I trust you have received my two late letters, by my son and Sir Trimble, with orders, if you can to good advantage, to make sale of my tenement at the Crank, and pay my debts to Mr. Dean, Mr. Watson, and yourself. If you have successfully attempted the affair, or shall soon so do, I should be glad to see you, and if it may be with the remainder of the money as soon as may be; or if you could, before you come, visit Dr. Mead, who was principal of, and agent for, the first grantees of the town of Landaff, the settlement of which is now retarded and discouraged by the influence of Mr. Joseph Davenport, who has inspired an apprehension in the minds of the populace that they shall be exposed to a quarrel, if they should settle there, etc. I wish I could send you a copy of the College Charter, and enable you to discourse understandingly with Dr. Mead, and let him see how amply this incorporation is endowed, and how independent it is made of this government or any other incorporation; that the first object of the royal grant of said township was the dispersed Indian natives, and to this corporation only in trust for that purpose; that such a matter of controversy can be decided by no judicatory ...

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