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Collector's Item
written by "Smith, Evelyn E., 1927-2000"
...tree. We can test the ground before we step on it, to make sure that there is solid footing underneath." "Good idea," the captain approved. He reached out the arm that was not occupied with Miss Anspacher and tugged at a tree limb. And then he and the lady physicist were both floundering in the ooze. "Well, really, Captain Greenfield!" she cried, refusing his aid in extricating herself. "I always thought you were at least a gentleman in spite of your illiteracy!" "Wha—what happened?" he asked as he struggled out of the mud. "Something pushed me; I swear it." Jrann-Pttt mentalized. "It seems the tree did not like your trying to remove a branch." "The tree!" Greenfield's pale blue eyes bulged. "You're joking!" "Not at all. As a matter of fact, I myself have been wondering why there were so many thought-streams and yet so few animals around here. It never occurred to me that the vegetation could be sentient and have such strong emotive defenses. In all my experience as a botanist, I—" "I thought you were a zoologist," Bernardi interrupted. "My people do not believe in excessive specialization," the saurian replied. "Trees that think?" Mortland inquired incredulously. "They're not very bright," Jrann-Pttt explained, "but they don't like having their limbs pulled off. I don't suppose you would, either, for that matter." "I propose," Miss Anspacher said, shaking out her wet hair, "that we break up the camp stools and use the sticks instead of branches to help us along." "Good idea," the captain said, trying to get back into her good graces. "I always knew women could put their brains to use if they tried." She glared at him. "I thought we'd use the furniture to make a fire later," Mortland complained. "For tea, you know." "The ground's much too wet," Professor Bernardi replied. "And besides," Miss Anspacher added, "I lost the teapot in that pot-hole." "But you managed to save the Proceeding...

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