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The Ordeal of Colonel Johns
written by "Smith, George H. (George Henry), 1922-1996"
...em, "I'm sure amazed! I'm sure amazed! All these nice old ladies feeling the same way about things as we do." ecker had a premonition of trouble as Mrs. Hayes' words poured forth. He had hoped for a cut and dried acceptance speech with nothing but the usual patriotic platitudes, but, as she went on his worst fears were realized. Inspired by the presence of her ancestor, the woman was going into superlatives about the purposes and aims of the Patriot Daughters. She covered everything from the glories of her ancestry to the morals of the younger generation and women in politics. Decker watched the Colonel's face, saw it changed from puzzlement to painful boredom as word after word floated from the battery of speakers overhead. MacCulloch was whispering in Johns' ear in an attempt to draw his attention from the woman's booming voice but the man disregarded him. "Am I really responsible for that?" The Colonel jerked his head in the direction of Mrs. Johns-Hayes. "I'm afraid, Colonel, that you're getting a distorted idea of what America is like in our time," Decker said. The Colonel didn't even turn to look at him. He was scowling at his Amazonian descendant as her screeching reached new heights. "... and we hold that this is true! Our simple motto, as you all know, is: One race, one creed, one way of thinking!" Colonel Johns began to squirm violently in his seat. The professor found it necessary to grasp him firmly by one arm while Decker held him by the other. The president of the Patriot Daughters had finished her speech amidst thunderous applause and started to present suggestions for the formation of new committees, for the passing of new by-laws and for resolutions. "A committee should be formed to see that the public parks are properly policed to prevent so-called 'spooners' from pursuing their immoral behaviour. "A new by-law is needed," and here Mrs. Hayes glanced aside at Mrs. Tolman, "to prevent members be...

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