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A Little Maid of Massachusetts Colony
written by "Smith, Wuanita, 1866-1959"
...e wharves and shipyards,” said Frederick. As they talked the little party moved toward the house. Rose ran to the kitchen to help Caroline prepare an early supper, and Mrs. Freeman sent Anne to show the visitors to the big spare chamber. “I wear my fine hat every day,” said Anne, as she and Aunt Anne Rose went up the stairs together. “I really think that we must take Anne back to Scituate with us,” said Mr. Pierce. “What do you say, Anne?” “My father’s ship may come any day now,” answered the little girl, “and then we must go home to Province Town.” It seemed to Anne as if Mrs. Pierce’s face grew very grave, and she wondered to herself if Aunt Anne Rose would really like to have her live with them. [Pg 202]“Your cheeks are just as red, and your eyes shine; you look just like a girl, Aunt Anne Rose,” she said admiringly, as Mrs. Pierce took off her hat and brushed her pretty black hair, that waved back from her face. “It’s because I’m on a visit,” declared Mrs. Pierce, “and a visit to Boston. I’ve always wanted to come, and here I am! Everybody looks young and pretty when she is happy, Anne. But I’m not young. I’m past forty, and I never was pretty,” and the dark-eyed little woman smiled radiantly, as if everything in life was planned just right. The Pierces declared that they could stay only two days, so that evening many plans were made that they should fill the time with as much pleasure as possible. Mr. Pierce had some business to attend to with various merchants, and Anne and Rose were eager to show Mrs. Pierce the shops, the fine houses and churches; and directly after breakfast the next morning Mrs. Freeman sent them all off. Millicent was quite happy to stay with Frederick and watch him finish the wooden doll, while Rose and Anne, with Aunt Anne Rose between them, started of...

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