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Notes and Queries, Number 72, March 15, 1851
A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists,
Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.

written by "Bell, George, 1814-1890"
... aware of this arrangement, which will enable them to receive Notes and Queries in their Saturday parcels. All communications for the Editor of Notes and Queries should be addressed to the care of Mr. Bell, No. 186. Fleet Street. THE LONDON HOMŒOPATHIC HOSPITAL, 32. Golden-square: founded by the British Homœopathic Association, and supported by voluntary contributions. Patroness—H. R. H. the Duchess of CAMBRIDGE. Vice-Patron—His Grace the Duke of BEAUFORT, K.G. Treasurer—John Dean Paul, Esq. (Messrs. Strahan and Co., Strand). The ANNUAL FESTIVAL in aid of the funds of the Charity, and in commemoration of the opening of this the first Homœopathic Hospital established in London, will be held at the Albion Tavern, Aldersgate-street, on Thursday, the 10th of April next, the anniversary of the birth of Samuel Hahnemann: The Most Noble the Marquis of WORCESTER, M.P., V.P., in the chair. STEWARDS. F. M. the Marquis of Anglesey Rt. Hon. the Earl of Chesterfield Rt. Hon. the Earl of Essex Rt. Hon. Viscount Sydney Rt. Hon. Lord Gray The Viscount Maldon The Lord Francis Gordon The Lord Clarence Paget, M.P. The Lord Alfred Paget, M.P. Culling Charles Smith, Esq. Marmaduke B. Sampson, Esq. F. Foster Quin, Esq., M.D. Nathaniel Barton, Esq. J. Askew. Esq. H. Banister, Esq. H. Batemann, Esq. Capt. Branford, R.N. F. Blake, Esq. H. Cameron, Esq. Capt. Chapman, R.A. F.R.S. H. Cholmondeley, Esq. J. B. Crampern, Esq. Col. Disbrowe W. Dutton, Esq. Ed. Esdaile, Esq. W. M. Fache, Esq. Fr. Fuller, Esq. H. Goez, Esq. J. Gosnell, Esq. G. Hallett, Esq. E. Hamilton, Esq., M.D. J. Huggins, Esq. P. Hughes,...

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