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Little White Fox and his Arctic Friends
written by "Snell, Roy J. (Roy Judson), 1878-1959"
...Bear's Discovery61 X.Fun for Two Little Bears67 XI.Big White Bear Meets Huskie74 XII.Little White Fox Goes Hunting83 XIII.Big White Bear's Kitchen89 XIV.Big White Bear Finds Little White Fox95 XV.Little White Fox Goes Fishing101 XVI.Little Brown Seal's Narrow Escape108 XVII.A Strange Journey115 XVIII.Little White Fox Comes Home122 [vii] LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS "Such ugly, bent noses I never saw before in all my life, either."Frontispiece "Now," he said, when he had finished fishing, "we will have dinner."PAGE   38 Little White Bear knew right away what he had done.52 "I am going to make your teeth chatter so you can't call your master."81 Big White Bear popped right up out of the ocean!119 She was going back to his own dear beach.128 [ix] ACKNOWLEDGMENT Six of the Little White Fox Stories appeared serially in the Continent, to whose publishers my thanks are due for permission to publish them in book form. [1] LITTLE WHITE FOX AND HIS ARCTIC FRIENDS CHAPTER I LITTLE WHITE FOX MAKES A DISCOVERY Little White Fox was very, very much worried, for something dreadful had happened, something he couldn't account for at all: Tdariuk, the reindeer, was dead! Tdariuk was not related to Little White Fox. And he wasn't a bit in the world like him. He was many times[2] bigger than Little White Fox would ever be, and he was quite different from him in every way. But all the same, Little White Fox loved him. If you had asked him why he loved the big reindeer, he would probably have told you that, for one thing, Tdariuk, in spite of his huge body, was very gentle and kind. None of the little animals of the tundra was afraid of him. Little Mrs. Ptarmigan calmly hunted for dry blueberries and weed seed right beside him while he cropped his moss. And when he drew close to the shore by the sea, Little Brown Seal never thought of such a thing as slipping off his rock and hiding in the water. Even if th...

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