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Frank Merriwell's Return to Yale
written by "Standish, Burt L., 1866-1945"
...a confounded nasty place!" "I believe you are," admitted Diamond, slowly. "But you must do something." "Suggest something." "Fight him with the weapons he named!" cried the Virginian, hotly. "You can do it, and I know you can get the best of him. I haven't forgotten our little duel. Not much! Why, Merriwell, you disarmed me twice! You can do the same trick with him." "Perhaps not." "I know you can. If you disarm him twice, you can call him a bungler, and refuse to continue the duel. Do it, Merry!" excitedly urged Jack. "I'll stand by you—I'll be your second." "Thank you, old man; but aren't you afraid of getting into serious trouble? If the faculty——" "Hang the faculty! We'll have to take chances. You can't stand his insults, Merry, and you'll have to fight him with the weapons he has named. That's the only thing you can do." "You may be right," said Frank, slowly. "I am getting sick of the way the thing is going, but I don't want to make a fool of myself." "You won't; but you'll make a monkey of Rob Marline, and I'll bet on it. Why, Merry, you are wonderfully clever with the foils, and you have nerves of iron." "Still, there might be a slip, you know." "Are you afraid he'll do you up?" "Not that," said Frank, "although I know he might. I'll tell you the truth. I hate Marline, and I might do him up. A sword is a nasty weapon. What if I should run him through?" "I never saw the time yet when you were not your own master. I don't think there is any danger that you will kill Marline, but you pink him, just so he would remember you. He wouldn't blow. He's from the South. He wouldn't blow if you pinked him for keeps." "I think you are right about that. Well, Jack, there's no telling what I may be driven into. If I have to meet him in a duel, I shall call on you to act as my second." "You may depend on me. I'll serve you with great satisfaction. Call him out, Merry—call him out!" ...

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