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The Katipunan
or The Rise and Fall of the Filipino Commune

written by "St. Clair, Francis"
...w days visit, and the cochero who had the honor of conducting such savants to and from the Luneta, have so far been able to demonstrate what is this character which has puzzled men of common sense and lifelong experience, for centuries. Being by nature credulous, ignorant and superstitious, the indian fell an easy victim to the mysteries of freemasonry, which served him as are introduction to the semi-savage methods of the “Liga Filipina” and the barbarous practices of the Katipunan, the pacto-de-sangre of which, carried him back to the savage times of his remote ancestors who were drawn from their mountain and forest lairs and domesticated by the Religious Orders. Notes 20, 21, 22. The initiations, proofs, oaths etc., of Universal freemasonry were utilized by the Filipino lodges to serve as a ceremonial, a very essential thing to the success of any association among orientals. Nothing suited the taste of the Filipino better than the awe inspiring solemnity of his initiation. [142]These ceremonies however fell into abuse, and by the time they became utilized by the Katipunan they had reached the verge of the grossest superstition and absurdity. Note 23. The G∴ Cons∴ Reg∴ was installed in 1893. A masonic document bearing a seal “Gr∴ Consejo Regional de Filipinas. G∴ Secretaria”, and purporting to be a copy of two paragraphs from a letter of the illustrious bro∴ Kupang (Marcelo H. del Pilar) dated from Madrid on the 17th December 1894, says: “D. Miguel (Morayta) has a very poor opinion of the Reg∴ (Regional Council).... He says that this Council continues working well for some few months, at the end of which all the enthusiasm of the founders vanishes and.... Oh, if we could only by our acts give the lie to this pessimism. Morayta was the founder of the Council. Note 24. La Solidaridad was the official organ of Filipino freemasonry in all its branches. Altho...

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