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Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life
written by "Stephens, Ann S. (Ann Sophia), 1810-1886"
...the sweet girl, kissing her mother's hand again. "There, the angel that had been a cloud took form again. It beckoned me—beckoned me—I cannot tell where; but you were sleeping, I know that." "It was a strange dream," said Jessie, thoughtfully. "The impression was very strong," answered the mother, drawing a hand across her eyes,—"so powerful that it tired me. This morning it seemed as if I had been on a journey." "But you are better now," I said; "this sense of fatigue is wearing off, I hope."[Pg 92] "Oh, yes!" she answered, languidly. "And you will be well enough to see Mrs. Dennison before dinner, I hope," whispered Jessie. "Perhaps, child." "Father will persuade you." "Where is your father, Jessie?" "Oh! somewhere about. On the front balcony, I believe, with Mrs. Dennison, who declares that she never will get tired of looking down the valley." "Yes, it is a lovely view. We used to sit on the balcony for hours—your father and I—but now—" Mrs. Lee turned away her face and shaded her eyes with one pale hand. I walked to the window and lifted the curtain; but there was a mist over my eyes, and I could not discern a feature of the landscape. CHAPTER XIV. INTRUSIVE KINDNESS. Some one knocked at the door. I went to open it, and found Cora, Mrs. Dennison's maid, who had been brushing her mistress's riding-habit on the back terrace, and flung it across her arm before coming up-stairs. The girl was a pretty mulatto, with teeth that an empress might have coveted, and eyes like diamonds; but there was something in her face that I did not like—a way of looking at you from under her black eyelashes that was both searching and sinister. "Mistress told me to run up, and inquire if it wasn't time for Miss Lee to put on her habit," she said, shooting a quick glance into the room; "the horses are ordered round." I felt the color burning in my face. The imper...

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