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Left on Labrador
or, The cruise of the Schooner-yacht 'Curlew.' as Recorded by 'Wash.'

written by "Stephens, C. A. (Charles Asbury), 1844-1931"
...em on that side,—going straight for Palmleaf, who was now considerably behind Wade and Don. Instantly a yell arose from all hands. "Look out, Palmleaf!" "Shoot him, Palmleaf!" "Let him have it!" "Aim low!" "Now's your time!" The negro, who had been running hard, stopped short, and, seeing the bear bounding toward him, made a feint to raise his musket, when it went off, either from accident or terror, in the air. We heard the bullet zip fifty feet overhead. The [104]bear gave a vicious growl, and made directly at him. "He'll have the darky!" "He'll have you, Palmleaf!" "Run, fool!" "Run, you black son!" Palmleaf turned to run; but, seeing a high rand of ice sticking up a few yards to his left, he leaped for it, and, jumping up, caught his hands at the top, and tried to draw himself up on to it. The bear was within six feet of him, snarling like a fury. Bang! Bang! Bang! Raed and Corliss and Bonney had fired within twenty yards. But the bear reared, and struck with his forepaws at the darky's legs, stripping his trousers clean off the first pull. Such a howl as came from his terrified throat! Crack! That was a better shot. The bear turned, or set out to, but fell down in a heap, then scrambled up, but immediately tumbled over again, and lay kicking. By this time we had all got near. The negro, scared nearly into fits, still hung on to the edge of the ice, looking as if "spread-eagled" to it. "Come, sir," said Wade. "Better get down [105]and put on your trousers,—what there is left of them." The darky turned an agonized, appealing visage over his shoulder, but, seeing only friends instead of bears, let go his hold, and dropped to his feet. "That's what you call a 'sure shot,' is it," sneered Wade,—"that one you fired at the bear? Guess you didn't hurt us much at Petersburg." "He need to be pretty thankful that somebody fired a sure shot about the time the bear was p...

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