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At the Fall of Port Arthur
Or, A Young American in the Japanese Navy

written by "Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930"
...oon as I can git free o' this consarned coat!" spluttered Captain Ponsberry, and he gave the garment a jerk that ripped one of the sleeves completely in half. "Did ye ever see sech foolishness?" he added. And then he told how the lurch of the ship had carried him over the rail just when he could use but one hand. "After this I reckon I'll put on my coat afore I go on deck," he concluded. "It was a lucky thing that Larry heard you cry out," said the first mate. "I was at the wheel, helping Groot." "That's right, Tom." The captain turned to the youth. "Larry, you're a brave one, and always was. I ain't going to forget this!" "Oh, don't say anything about it," came from the young second mate, modestly. "I know you'd do as much for me, if I needed it." "Well, I would, an' there's my hand on it," cried Captain Ponsberry, heartily, and gave Larry a grip that made him wince. The storm kept up for the remainder of the day. But its worst fury was spent, and during the night the wind went down to nothing more than a stiff breeze, which was just what was wanted. All of the sails were again set; and the schooner resumed her course as before. Before leaving Manila Larry had purchased a number of newspapers printed in that city in English. So far he had had no chance to look the sheets over, but now came two days in which there was little to do, and he spent several hours in devouring the news, while he also let his friend Luke do some reading. "Tell ye what, this 'ere war between Russia and Japan is goin' to be a big thing," said Luke, after reading an account of the first fights on land and on sea. "It ain't goin' to be no such short affair as our little rumpus in Cuby." "You are right, Luke; this war is going to be a long and bitter one." "Who is goin' to win, do you think?" "I'm sure I don't know. Russia is a vast country, with millions of people and with an immense army and navy. I suppose she can put five times as many men...

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