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The Rover Boys at Big Horn Ranch
The Cowboys' Double Round-Up

written by "Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930"
... “So he does. But he told me they frequently 162 played baseball on the ranch and that some of the cowboys were really good players. He said one of the fellows had once played on one of the Midwest Leagues.” “Gee! there’s no telling what an up-to-date cowboy will do these days,” remarked Andy. “Playing baseball, going into the movies and into vaudeville, and I don’t know what else!” “I guess he finds more money in the doing of those things than he does in the herding of cows,” answered his twin. The game between the patched-up first nine and the scrub nine resulted in a tie, 7 to 7. Jack and his cousins watched the game and had to admit that Brassy Bangs and Paul Halliday did quite well—in fact, much better than had been expected. After that the practice was continued, Gif, as head of the athletic association, trying out one player after another. Then came the final selection of the regular club to represent Colby Hall, and Brassy Bangs was given the position of third baseman while Paul Halliday went to center field. “I think I ought to be allowed to pitch,” grumbled Brassy. “I’m sure I can send ’em in just as good as any of those other fellows.” “You pitch a pretty swift ball, I admit,” returned Gif. “But your delivery is rather erratic. 163 You put them over the catcher’s head several times. If you did that when the bases were full, it would mean just so many runs coming in.” And after that Brassy said no more about pitching. The first game to be played was on the grounds of Longley Academy. The cadets journeyed to the place in carriages and automobiles and on bicycles, and were joined by quite a number of the girls from Clearwater Hall. “Do you suppose Tommy Flanders will pitch?” questioned Randy. “No. They tell me that last game we had over here was too much for Flanders a...

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