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The Rover Boys at Colby Hall
or The Struggles of the Young Cadets

written by "Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930"
...and from there it went back to the Columbus 15-yard line, and then it sawed back and forth until eight minutes of the first quarter had passed. "Gee! this begins to look like a blank," was Spouter's comment. "So it does," returned Dan Soppinger. "Say! can any of you tell me why the——" "Don't ask questions now, Dan," interrupted Randy. "Oh, look! look!" he burst out suddenly. "Isn't that great!" The ball had dribbled back and forth until, by a punt, it reached Colby Hall's 20-yard line. It landed close to Jack, and like a flash he gathered it to his breast and started for the Columbus goal. "Go it, Rover! go it!" "Don't let 'em down you, Jack!" With his friends cheering lustily, Jack sped on, dodging many straight-arm tackles, and skipping from right to left and then back again in order to avoid the numerous players who seemed to confront him as if by magic. Then somebody appeared on his left, and the next moment he went down with a thud, not knowing where he had landed. "It's a touchdown!" was the cry, and then the Colby Hall followers went wild with delight, while Columbus Academy was mute. The girls stood up in the grandstand and waved their banners gaily. "Oh, just to think, Jack did it!" murmured Ruth, and her face showed her intense satisfaction. "Now if only Walt Baxter can kick a goal!" cried Randy. But this was not to be, for at the moment the leather sailed through the air, a strong puff of wind came up and the ball went just outside the posts. "Well, never mind," cried Randy, consolingly; "that puts us in the lead." The run had somewhat exhausted Jack, but still he insisted upon keeping on playing, and after the wonderful exhibition he had made, Gif had not the heart to call in a substitute to take his place. But if, with a touchdown in their favor, Colby thought to remain ...

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