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Johann Sebastian Bach : The story of the boy who sang in the streets
written by "Tapper, Thomas, 1864-1958"
... Sebastian Bach died in 1750. He was sixty-five years of age. Benjamin Franklin was at that time forty-four years old and George Washington was eighteen. This is the way Bach wrote his name. FACTS ABOUT SEBASTIAN BACH. Read these facts about Sebastian Bach and try to write his story out of them, using your own words. When your story is finished ask your mother or your teacher to read it. When you have made it as perfect as you can, copy it on pages 14, 15 and 16. 1. Full name: Johann Sebastian Bach. 2. Born 1685, died 1750. 3. As a little boy he sang in the streets, begging from door to door. 4. His father and mother died when he was ten years old. 5. He went to live with his brother. 6. He took his first position when he was seventeen. 7. He used to walk long distances to hear famous organists, one of whom was named Buxtehude. 8. He could play the organ, clavichord, violin, and other stringed instruments. 9. He wrote music for the voice (solo and chorus). [Pg 13] 10. And for many different instruments. 11. He never met his fellow countryman, Handel. 12. Bach copied lots of music because printed music was dear in his day. 13. He was Cantor of the Thomas School for many years. 14. Once he visited Frederick the Great at Potsdam. 15. For his little son, Friedmann, he wrote a book of Little Preludes. SOME QUESTIONS. 1. In what year did Bach die? 2. Name an American who was alive at the same time. 3. What famous castle can be seen from the streets of Eisenach? 4. What other great German composer lived in Bach's time? 5. What instruments could Bach play? 6. For what purpose did Bach travel from place to place, as a boy? 7. What was the name of Sebastian's father? 8. Who was Hans, the Player? 9. Were any of Bach's children musical? 10. What music by Bach have you heard? [Pg 14] THE STORY OF JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Written by.................

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