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Our American Cousin
written by "Taylor, Tom, 1817-1880"
...or which the play gained much of its popular appeal. Abraham Lincoln was watching this play when he was assassinated. (Act III, halfway through Scene 2.) Contents ORIGINAL CAST OF CHARACTERS. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. ACT I. ACT II ACT III. ORIGINAL CAST OF CHARACTERS. [Our American Cousin.] OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. ACT I. Scene 1—Drawing room in 3. Trenchard Manor, C. D., backed by interior, discovering table with luncheon spread. Large French window, R. 3 E., through which a fine English park is seen. Open archway, L. 3 E. Set balcony behind. Table, R., books and papers on it. Work basket containing wools and embroidery frame. A fashionable arm chair and sofa, L. 2 E., small table near C. D. Stage handsomely set, costly furniture, carpet down, chairs, etc. Buddicombe discovered on sofa reading newspaper. Skillet and Sharpe busily arranging furniture as curtain rises. Sharpe I don't know how you may feel as a visitor, Mr. Buddicombe, but I think this is a most uncomfortable family. Bud Very uncomfortable. I have no curtain to my bed. Skil And no wine at the second table. Sharpe And meaner servants I never seed. Bud I'm afraid Sir Edward is in a queer strait. Skil Yes, for only this morning, Mr. Binny, Mrs. Skillet says he— Enter Binny, L. 3 E. Binny Mind your hown business instead hof your betters. I'm disgusted with you lower servants. When the wine merchant presents his bills, you men, hear me, say he's been pressing for the last six months, do you? Skil Nor I, that the last year's milliner's bills have not been paid. Sharpe Nor I, that Miss Florence has not had no new dresses from London all winter. Bud And I can solemnly swear that his lordship's hair has been faithfully bound in this bosom. Binny That'll do, that'l...

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