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Crescent and Iron Cross
written by "Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic), 1867-1940"
...sp;    3s. 4d. Milk, per quart                 5d.              2s. Flour, per lb.                    3d.         2s. 6d. Petroleum, per lb.             1d.          4s.6d. Pair of boots                     £1               £8. We need not trouble ourselves with considering what the Allies will have to do with the Turkish army when once the end of the war comes, for the collapse of the military party in Turkey, which owes its whole vitality to Germany, will be perfect and complete. But the economical future of Turkey is not so plain: at the present moment its bankruptcy is total. Early in the war Germany drained it of such bullion as it had, and has since then advanced it about £150,000,000, which, as far as I can trace, is entirely in German paper, and must be redeemed in gold at some period (chiefly two years) after the end of the war. That is wonderful finance, and one marvels that Turkey could have been so far blinded as to accept it. But I expect that the swallowing of the first loan was sweetened by a spoonful of jam of this kind. Germany pointed out that, though England was quite certainly going to lose the war, she had issued an immense paper coinage wh...

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