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Caleb in the Country
written by "Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879"
...en she would explain the verses, and[Pg 73] talk with them a little about what had occurred during the day, and give them good advice and good instruction. At such times the children usually sat upon the sofa, on one side of the table, and Madam Rachel took her seat on the other side of the table, in the chair, so as to face them. The children generally liked this very much; and yet she very seldom told them any stories at these times. It was almost all reasonings and explanations; and yet the children liked it very much. Top CHAPTER VII. [Pg 74] THE SOFA. The boys took their places on the sofa, and afterwards laid their books upon the table. After that Madam Rachel began to talk about the occurrences of the day, as follows:— “There are two or three things, boys, that I have been keeping to talk with you about this evening. One is the question you asked, Dwight, about Caleb's disobeying me, when he fell into the water.” “Yes, mother,” said Dwight, looking up at once, very eagerly; “you told him never to go near the bank; and yet he went, and so he fell in.” “But I could not help it,” said Caleb.[Pg 75] “Why, yes, mother, he certainly could help it; for he walked there himself of his own accord.” “Very well; that is the question for us to consider; but, first, we must all be in a proper state of mind to consider it, or else it will do us no good. Now, Dwight, I am going to ask you a question, and I want to have you answer it honestly:—Which way do you wish to have this question, about Caleb's disobedience, decided?” “Why,—I don't know,” said Dwight. “Suppose I should come to the conclusion that Caleb did right, and should prove it by arguments, should you feel a little glad, or a little sorry?” Dwight hung his head, and seemed somewhat confused, but said, doubtfully, that he did not kn...

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