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The Prayers of St. Paul
written by "Thomas, W. H. Griffith (William Henry Griffith), 1861-1924"
...hat springs from faith. Just as in the familiar words of the Collect for Easter Day, God first puts into “our minds good desires,” and then by His “continual help” we are enabled to “bring the same to good effect.” By “His holy inspiration we think those things that are good, and by His merciful guiding we perform the same.”   3. The Consequences of the Prayer. Notice the twofold consequence here stated. He expects that God will be glorified in us. Glory in the New Testament, and, indeed, in[Pg 34] the whole Bible, is the outshining of splendour, and the Apostle seeks in answer to prayer that Christ may reveal in our lives the glory of His grace. This includes both our present and future lives. Christ is to be manifested by and glorified in us here, and He will be manifested by and glorified in us hereafter (ver. 10). What an unspeakable privilege and what a profound responsibility lie in this simple fact that Christ is to shine forth from our lives, and that men around us are to see something of Christ as they associate with us. One of the most beautiful testimonies ever given to a Christian was that of a poor dying outcast girl to a lady who had befriended her: “I have not found it hard to think about God since I knew you.” He also expects that we shall be glorified in Christ. This is, in a way, more wonderful still. There is to be a reciprocal glory; and, actually, marvellous though it seems, we are to have our share of glory in Christ. This, again, has its application to the present, as well as to the future, for every life that is loyal to Christ is glorified in union and communion[Pg 35] with Him. And in the great future it will be seen and known on every hand who have been faithful to their Lord and Master. “Then shall the righteous shine forth as stars in the kingdom of their Father.”   4. The Guarantee of the Prayer. The Apostle scarce...

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