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Woman's Club Work and Programs
First Aid to Club Women

written by "Benton, Caroline French"
...on—Perdita: simplicity, dignity, and sweetness. Miranda: ethereal, unsophisticated, and ideal. Readings—Perdita: Act iv., Scene 4 (the shepherd's cottage), of the Winter's Tale. Miranda: Act i., Scene 2 (the island), of the Tempest. 5. The Women of History—Lady Macbeth: power of intellect, determination, devotion to her husband's career. Princess Katharine: charming and coquettish. Readings—Lady Macbeth: Act i., Scene 8, from Macbeth. Katharine: Act v., Scene 2 (beginning "Fair Katharine"), from Henry V. 6. Women of Various Types—Illustrative readings from As You Like It (Rosalind), Hamlet (Ophelia), King Lear (Cordelia), Taming of the Shrew (Katharine). Books to Consult—E. Dowden: Transcripts and Studies. L. Lewes: Women of Shakespeare. Mrs. A. B. Jameson: Characteristics of Women. Wingate: Shakespeare's Heroines on the Stage.[Pg 269] The club members could add interest to this meeting by recalling the famous actresses they may have seen, and comparing their presentations of Shakespeare's women. For example, Mary Anderson as Juliet, Ada Rehan as Katharine, Ellen Terry as Portia, Modjeska as Rosalind, and Julia Marlowe as Ophelia. IX—SHAKESPEREAN PROBLEMS 1. His Personality—How much education had Shakespeare? Did he reveal himself in his plays? What were his personal characteristics? 2. Characteristics of His Work—Did he plagiarize? If so, was he justified? Was his meaning always clear to himself? See Richard Grant White on this point. Is his broad humor defensible? Discuss Taine's criticism on this point. 3. Estimate of Shakespeare in His Own and Later Times—What did his contemporaries think of him? Why was he ignored in the later seventeenth century? Quote from great writers on Shakespeare: Coleridge, Goethe, Swinburne, etc. 4. The Bacon-Shakespeare Controversy—Origin: story of Delia Bacon's life. Is there a cipher in Shakespeare? Quotation of l...

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