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Philo-Judæus of Alexandria
written by "Bentwich, Norman, 1883-1971" (Roman Emperor), comes to the imperial chair, 65; Jews appeal directly to, 66; receives Jewish deputation, 67; death of, 69. Greek philosophers, Philo's relation to, , 52; philosophy, Philo's influence on, 49, 191 f.; colonies, Alexander settles Jews in, 14. Greek culture, various branches of, 47; the chief schools of, 48, 54; fertilizing influence of ideas of, 58; and Jewish Scripture, 76; neglected in Babylon, 224. Haggadah, the, in Philo's works, 202, 207 f.; antiquity of, 209 f.; allegorical speculation in, 212. Halakah, outcome of devotion to Torah, 99; Palestinian Jews determine, 105; observance of oral law standardized in, 126; relation of Philo to, 202 f.; differences between Alexandrian Sanhedrin and Palestinian, 203 f.; codification of, 207. Hebrew, language, evidence of Philo's knowledge of, 49; included in barbarian languages, 97; Philo's derivations from, 50, 101; race, the three founders of, 110 f.; tradition, Philo follows, 159; mind, Professor Caird on, 167. Hellenism, of Palestine, 24, 25; of Alexandria (see Greek culture), 25; influence of, in Palestine, ; and the interpretation of the Bible, 254; New Testament, a combination of Hebraism and, 247; Christian theology a descent to a commoner, 254. Hillel, Philo contemporary with, 45; shows expansion of Hebrew mind, 45; on chief lesson of Torah, 117, 118; spirit of, shared by Philo, 249. Humanity, tractate appended to a Life of Moses, 75. Incarnation, notion of, not Jewish, 166. Indian, thought, Philo's acquaintance with, 48. Isaac, See Lives of Isaac and Jacob, 83. Israel, Philo's derivation of the name, 50, 138; God's special providence for, 77; the mission of, 206, 242. Italy, Philo visits, 66. Jacob, See Lives of Isaac and Jacob, 83. Jeremiah, prophesies in Egypt, 14; heard by Plato, 15. Jerusalem, Alexander's visit to, 14; Philo, on national centre at, 20, 41, 86; spiritual headship of, 41; special synagogues for Alexandri...

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