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The Prime Minister
written by "Trollope, Anthony, 1815-1882", but a state of pugnacity seems to me the greatest bliss which we can reach here on earth." "I shouldn't like to be always fighting." "That's because you haven't known Sir Timothy Beeswax and two or three other gentlemen whom I could name. The day will come, I dare say, when you will care for politics." Emily was about to answer, hardly knowing what to say, when the door was opened and Mrs. Roby came into the room. The lady was not announced, and Emily had heard no knock at the door. She was forced to go through some ceremony of introduction. "This is my aunt, Mrs. Roby," she said. "Aunt Harriet, the Duchess of Omnium." Mrs. Roby was beside herself,—not all with joy. That feeling would come afterwards as she would boast to her friends of her new acquaintance. At present there was the embarrassment of not quite knowing how to behave herself. The Duchess bowed from her seat, and smiled sweetly,—as she had learned to smile since her husband had become Prime Minister. Mrs. Roby curtsied, and then remembered that in these days only housemaids ought to curtsey. "Anything to our Mr. Roby?" said the Duchess, continuing her smile,—"ours as he was till yesterday at least." This she said in an absurd wail of mock sorrow. "My brother-in-law, your Grace," said Mrs. Roby, delighted. "Oh indeed. And what does Mr. Roby think about it, I wonder? But I dare say you have found, Mrs. Roby, that when a crisis comes,—a real crisis,—the ladies are told nothing. I have." "I don't think, your Grace, that Mr. Roby ever divulges political secrets." "Doesn't he indeed! What a dull man your brother-in-law must be to live with,—that is as a politician! Good-bye, Mrs. Lopez. You must come and see me and let me come to you again. I hope, you know,—I hope the time may come when things may once more be bright with you." These last words she murmured almost in a whisper, as she held the hand of the woman she ...

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