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Bremen Cotton Exchange

written by "Uhte, Ch. F. C."
...xchange is entirely adapted to the needs of the business, special attention is being paid to the light. The judging and valuing of cotton, require a pure and clear day light, this is of such importance, that it cannot receive too much consideration. A portion of the building is reserved for the Cotton Exchange, while the remainder is utilised as offices for the various cotton firms, unfortunately, there is not room enough for all of them. It would be of great advantage, if all the firms could be housed under one roof, and plans for this are contemplated, but when they will be executed, depends entirely upon the economic development of the future. WORLD-WIDE BUSINESS. A New-York commission agent, who has connections all over the world, receives a telephonic message from Texas to sell 100 bales of "futures". At the same moment, he receives a cable to buy a 100 bales of "futures", both orders equalize each other, the execution is easy, a few words on the telephone, a cable, a letter, and the business is done. Such transactions are daily occurrences, they leave no particular impression, nor call for any deep thought. And yet, it is very interesting to probe deeply to find the origin of this business. A planter in Texas has worked hard for six months with his entire family, to raise his cotton crop. In the early days of Spring, the ground had to be cleared and ploughed to prepare it for the seed. Then comes the time of sowing, and soon afterwards, the weeds require attention. Hardly have these been uprooted, when the injurious insects make their appearance, they are destroyed by artificial means. Over and over again, the fields require most careful attention, till, at last, the cotton begins to ripen. In the broiling sun it is picked, and only then, the planter is sure about the out-turn of his crop. The prices are favorable at the moment, and he makes his calculations. For extra help, he had spent so much, and for the frugal life of ...

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