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Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist
written by "Berkman, Alexander, 1870-1936"
..., eighteen, twenty years. That's when you first came here, eh, Jasper?" "Yassah, 'bout dat." "In the old prison, then?" Woods inquires. "Yes, of course. You was there, Jasper, when 'Shoe-box' Miller got out, wasn't you?" "Yo 'member good, Cunnel. Dat Ah was, sure 'nuf.[Pg 251] En mighty slick it was, bress me, teh hab imsef nailed in dat shoebox, en mek his get-away." "Yes, yes. And this is your fourth time since then, I believe." "No, sah, no, sah; dere yo am wrong, Cunnel. Youh remnishent am bad. Dis jus' free times, jus' free." "Come off, it's four." "Free, Cunnel, no moah." "Do you think, Mr. Hopkins, Jasper could eat the apple in two bites?" Woods reminds him. "I'm sure he can. There's nothing in the eating line this coon couldn't do. Here, Jasper, you get the apple if you make it in two bites. Don't disgrace me, now." The negro grins, "Putty big, Cunnel, but Ah'm a gwine teh try powful hard." With a heroic effort he stretches his mouth, till his face looks like a veritable cavern, reaching from ear to ear, and edged by large, shimmering tusks. With both hands he inserts the big apple, and his sharp teeth come down with a loud snap. He chews quickly, swallows, repeats the performance, and then holds up his hands. The apple has disappeared. The Assistant Deputy roars with laughter. "What did I tell you, eh, Scot? What did I tell you, ho, ho, ho!" The tears glisten in his eye. They amuse themselves with the negro trusty by the hour. He relates his experiences, tells humorous anecdotes, and the officers are merry. Now and then Deputy Warden Greaves drops in. Woods rises. "Have a seat, Mr. Greaves." "That's all right, that's all right, Scot," the Deputy mumbles, his eye searching for the cuspidor. "Sit down, Scot: I'm as young as any of you." With mincing step he walks into the first cell, re[Pg 252]served for the guards, pulls a bottle from his hip pocket, takes several quick gulps, wa...

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