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The Comical Creatures from Wurtemberg
Second Edition

written by "Unknown"
..., excepting “Reynard the Fox,” our sketches have been written to illustrate the drawings, for on this plea we claim some indulgence; but as we know full well that the pictures will be the main attraction of the volume, we are not apprehensive of much criticism. 10 The story of “Reynard the Fox” is told briefly in the words of an old version of this wonderful tale published in England many years ago. In Germany Reinecke Fuchs is as popular as our “Jack the Giant-Killer.” Carlyle says, “Among the people it was long a house-book and universal best companion; it has been lectured on in Universities, quoted in imperial Council-halls; it lay on the toilets of princes, and was thumbed to pieces on the bench of the artisan: we hear of grave men ranking it next to their Bible.” Goethe took the story of “Reynard” for the subject of a great poem; and the famous painter Kaulbach has recently illustrated Goethe’s version with perhaps the finest series of pictures with which a book was ever adorned. Herrmann Ploucquet has had the good taste to select six of these designs as models for his works. He has admirably preserved the expression which the painter gave to the Fox and his dupes, and every one recognises them with pleasure. 11 CONTENTS. PAGE The Weasels of Holm-Wood 15 The Wonderful Hare-Hunt 40 The Duel of the Dormice 45 The Six Kittens 49 The Frogs who would a-wooing go 59 The Story of Reynard the Fox 63 12 ILLUSTRATIONS. The Wonderful Hare-Hunt (Double Plate) Frontispiece. Dame Weasel and her Family 14 The Attentive Physician 17 The very attentive Physician 21 Old Marten and Sharp Weasel, Esq. 25 Mr. Bantam’s Interview with Old Marten 29 Longtail teaching the young Rabbits Arithmetic 33 Jack Hare and Grace Marten leading off the Ball 37 The Duel of the Dormice 44 The Kittens...

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