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Aubrey Beardsley
written by "Vallance, Aymer"
... and destroyed accidentally in New York. 80. Sketch Portrait of the Artist, head and shoulders, three-quarter face to left; in imaginary costume with V-shaped opening to his coat and high-shouldered sleeves; in charcoal. First published in The Sketch, April 14th, 1894, again in "Early Work." 81. Sketch Portrait of Henry Harland, head and shoulders, three-quarter face to right, in charcoal. First published in The Sketch, April 11th, 1894, again in "Early Work." (Property of John Lane, Esq.) 82. Portrait of James M'neill Whistler. (Property of Walter Sickert, Esq.) 83. The Fat Woman (a caricature of Mrs Whistler). First published in To-Day, May 12th, 1894, afterwards republished in "Fifty Drawings" and "Later Work"; also in Le Courrier Franais, November 11th, 1894, with the title "Une Femme bien Nourrie." (Formerly the property of the late Mrs Cyril Martineau (Miss K. Savile Clarke)). 84. Waiting, a haggard, expectant woman, wearing V-necked bodice and large black hat, seated in a restaurant, with a half-emptied wine-glass on a small round table before her; black-ink drawing, 7-3/8 3-1/2 inches, unpublished. (Property of Pickford Waller, Esq.) 85. Masked Pierrot and Female Figure, water and gondolas in background, small square in black and white, published in To-Day, May 12th, 1894. [88] 86. Salome, A tragedy in one act. Translated by Lord Alfred Douglas from the French of Oscar Wilde. Elkin Mathews and John Lane, 1894. Pictured with the following designs by Aubrey Beardsley:—— I. The woman (or man) in the moon (Frontispiece). Border Design for Title-page (two states, the first cancelled). (Property of John Lane, Esq.) Border Design for List of Pictures. (Property of John Lane, Esq.) II. The Peacock Skirt. (Property of John Lane, Esq.) III. The Black Cape. A burlesque, substit...

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