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Green Valley
written by "Bickford, Nana French"
... softly, "would you always love me and be gentle with me?" At that big Steve caught his breath and put his hungry arms behind his back out of temptation's way and said huskily, "Oh, Bonnie, girl, just try me!" So Bonnie raised her eyes and the big man was at peace. Billy Evans was the last to arrive. He had to get all the old folks to the party before he and Hank could put in an appearance. But his wife and little Billy were there, little Billy with his ruddy hair curling about his merry little face and his eyes dancing at everything and every one. Green Valley was full of lovable little ones, but they were as a rule kept closely sheltered in the front and back yards. But Billy was a town baby. His days were spent in and around his father's livery barn. He went to his twelve o'clock dinner perched on Hank Lolly's shoulder, and it had gotten so no gathering of men in his father's office was considered complete without him. And maybe it was just as well; for since Billy's coming there was less careless language, less careless gossip. And if some one's tongue did slip now and then, Hank Lolly had a way of putting his head in and saying solemnly: "Guess you forgot that Mrs. Evans' boy was around when you said that." For Hank Lolly was little Billy's proud godfather and Billy's welfare was a matter that kept Hank awake nights. It was Hank who introduced little Billy to all the livery horses and patiently developed deep friendships between the animals and the child. "I've fixed it so's no horse of ourn'll ever hurt the boy. But that ain't saying that somebody's ornery critter won't harm him. There's some awful mean horses in this town, Billy," Hank worried. But Billy Evans only laughed. "Hank," he said, "with you and God taking turns minding that kid, and his ma and me doing a little now and then, I guess he'll grow up." So Billy was at the minister's party, as were v...

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