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Chinese Painters
A Critical Study

written by "Binyon, Laurence, 1869-1943"
...onochrome by Wu Chên. Yüan period. Musée Guimet 93 XV. Paintings of the Yüan or early Ming period. Style of the Northern School. Collection of R. Petrucci 97 XVI. Portrait of a priest. Yüan or early Ming period. Collection of H. Rivière 101 XVII. Horse. Painting by an unknown artist. Yüan or early Ming period. Doucet collection 105 XVIII. Visit to the Emperor by the Immortals from on high. Ming period. British Museum, London 109 XIX. Egrets by Lin Liang. Ming period. Collection of Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Junior 115 XX. Flowers and Insects. Ming period. Collection of R. Petrucci 119 XXI. Landscape. Ming period. Bouasse-Lebel collection 125 XXII. Beauty inhaling the fragrance of a peony. Ming period. Collection of V. Goloubew 133 XXIII. Halt of the Imperial Hunt. Ming period. Sixteenth century. Collection of R. Petrucci 137 XXIV. Painting by Chang Cheng. Eighteenth century. Collection of M. Worch 141 XXV. Tiger in a Pine Forest. Eighteenth to nineteenth centuries. Collection of V. Goloubew 145 [Pg 15] INTRODUCTION Whatever its outward expression, human thought remains essentially unchanged and, throughout all of its manifestations, is fundamentally the same. Varying phases are but accidents and underneath the divers wrappings of historic periods or different civilizations, the heart as well as the mind of man has been moved by the same desires. Art possesses a unity like that of nature. It is profound and stirring, precisely because it blends and perpetuates feeling and intelligence by means of outward expressions. Of all human achievements art is the most vital, the one that is dowered with eternal youth, for it awakens in the soul emotions which neither time nor civilization has ever ...

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