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The Great Round World And What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1. No. 23, April 15, 1897
A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls

written by "Bishop, Julia Truitt"
...wers have any conscience left, this news must have made them thoroughly ashamed of their ridiculous position. The week's news from Cuba is still of the same hopeful character for the Cubans. It is stated on the best authority that the Cubans are in absolute possession of the eastern end of the island, the whole province of Santiago de Cuba being in the hands of the insurgents. It is stated that this province is really Cuba Libre, or "Free Cuba." The government is being carried on there, and the peasants are able to sow their fields and gather their crops in peace and safety. The Cubans assert that if we would only recognize that they were engaged in a real war, and give them the right to fit out a navy for themselves, the war would be over in a very short time. They have now no fear but that they will gain their liberty; they say, however, that with the Spanish navy guarding the coast, and preventing the landing of help and supplies, the war will last a good deal longer than it ought. The Spaniards are very uneasy, and Havana is greatly alarmed over the last expedition of General Weyler. The Spanish general has determined to force a battle on General Gomez, and to make one great effort to subdue him. It is reported that General Gomez is in Santa Clara, and Weyler has gone thither with all the troops he can mass together to meet him. All Cuba has, however, learned by this time that the whereabouts of Gomez and his army are never to be relied on. The Spaniards go out to fight them in a certain place, and when they reach the spot where they expect the enemy to be, they find that the Cubans have made a forced march and escaped them, and are making war in quite a fresh section of the country. The Cubans have accomplished some of the most wonderful marches in the history of war, and have won many of their advantages by stealing past the enemy that was advancing to fight them, and capturing towns and store...

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